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ARKADY OSTRITSKY artworks film by   A.Kuznetzov   2012  

Visual impressions are my way of life. Perceiving the world, mainly in the form of visual images, I try to create my own. Literature and music are interesting, but they are secondary to me. Most of the images that attract attention, I can store in memory. I am a slave of visual images, but this does not bother me, and I am even happy. I also like the means of art and the process of creating an image. Creativity for me is a source of mood and vitality.

Vereschagin (triptych).JPG

The triptych "Vasily Vereshchagin. The Attraction of Eternity"

is in the V.V. Vereshchagin Museum.

Nikolaev city. Ukraine.

Диплом и знак музея Верещагина.jpg

Diploma and memorial sign of the Nikolaev Museum named after Vereshchagin for the triptych about this artist.

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